Hempcity Marihuana Bud Menu, January 2005.

Here is a glimpse of the marihuana we have on the menu in our three Willie Wortel Cannabisshops in Haarlem, the Hempcity of North-Holland.
If I can, I will put up a monthly oversight of what we have on sale, the hash section will be online soon.
I started taking pictures in the Indica, so here comes the bud they offer there:

This is Indica’s stash, the lower containers with the white lids are holding the hash. The big containers in the middle, with the blue lids, hold the marihuana. The round containers on the top shelf hold the pre rolled joints and reefers. Bongs available for U to use.
The following are some strains that are on Indica’s menu.

Besides being the co-owner of the WW shops, I am also the company carpenter. This is the start of my latest project, a new bar for Willie Wortel’s Sinsemilla. I make a new bar first, then we break down the old one overnight, somewhere next week, and install the new one, so we do not have to close or withhold service. The current bar is long and straight, great for the former disco the place used to be, but not for socializing, which we tend to do in a coffeeshop.

Almost every visitor comes up to ask me what I am up to, so I tell them what, and ask them to roll me a joint, instead of holding me up. I am very focused on the job, once I am on it.

The bar will be compiled of the three under blocks I put together, took me two days, I will start with the top parts next week, while Ronald will start the finishing, like plugging the holes I left where I drove in the screws. Willie Wortel’s Sinsemilla is about to have a major make over!

This is the stash or stock of Willie Wortel’s Sinsemilla, with 4 Ice hash varieties on the menu. Here are some of the buds of the same menu, hash will follow soon.

This Willie’s Choice, a mind blaster, I do not tell you what strain it is, come and find out!

A Golden Oldie, with the sweet, evergreen taste of skunk.

One of Sinsemilla’s Home Brands, Sticky Fingers. I can guarantee you this is pure bio bud, grown by one of our best experts in the field. Bestseller!

Another pure bio strain, same grower, sweet, trippy, makes you feel like a stoned hippie.

Sage, small buds, with a powerful impact on body and soul!

This is our little joint pack factory. We sell three packs of our pre rolled joints, wrapped in especially designed blister cards.

This is how a three pack looks like.

Willie Wortel Joints come with the registered trade mark.
After taking pictures in Sinsemilla, I went to the Sativa, to get their buds pictured. I ran out of memory space, but I made room for the top buds, the rest will follow, when I put the hash menu online.

Citral, the reflection makes the name difficult to read. Great high, pure citrus tate.

That’s all folks, for now, I tested my new Sony, which needs some study, but the pics will get closer and better as I figure out the new device properly.

Have a nice day, thanks for visiting Hempcity.