Hempcity Grand Slam, October 2004.

I found out that some of our foreign visitors came up with a special expression for a visit to our three coffeeshops in Haarlem, they call such a roundtrip the Haarlem or Hempcity Grand Slam. Sounds good, to my opinion, I have to say I am pleased with the phenomenon!
Maruska and me did the tour too, although we took a bit longer than a day, we did it with tools and a paintbrush, meaning to give the shops a make over. Here are some pics and some explanation.

First thing I did was to get me some grass, I discovered we gad a golden oldie back on the menu: Crossroads. I ordered and got 5 grams, rolled one and felt like ten years younger, when we first smoked Crossroads, a Haarlem strain, the result of crossbreeding a Jack Herer female with a PZN male. PZN was a nameless strain, with great taste and high, Crossroads has both the qualities of JH and the Plant Zonder Naam (Plant Without Name).

I took some of this lovely, smooth Moroccan hash as well, a blond bomb.

Maruska, in the meanwhile, took out her brushes and started to paint up the walls, in two different shades of blue.

The place looks a lot better in the new colours and a change of decoration, although it became a little darker in some corners. After adding some small lights, it looks like a new fresh place, the only thing that needs to be done is the front window, which is too big and open. Wait until you see how that will look, I have ordered something cool for that, it will be on in a week or so.

We bought some nice Jamaica buds, which will be on the menu at WW Sativa as I type this.
This stuff gave me a nice lifting high, different than the bang of Netherweed, but very pleasant to endure.

After doing my few little repair jobs at the Indica, I went to work in the Sativa, where I wanted to bring some more life behind the bar, by executing an old plan and project.

I was not around when this was done, I would never have chosen white tiles to do the wall, I hate white tiles! I have ordered a load of leaf stickers to camouflage the tiles, they will be in later.

As soon as I had made a hole in the wall, I was handed a nice smoke.

I stuck a monitor in the hole, meant to show pictures of hash, weeds, people smoking, growrooms, etc. Jimmy, our webmaster, installed the rest of the hard- and software the next day.

The monitor shows an ongoing slide show, and was an instant success, people at the bar were delighted with it right away.

This is Patrick, aka: Ali Baba, Paradise Seeds Sheik of Smoke. Patrick is a regular at Sativa’s, he just came back from the Barcelona Cannabis fair, where we had met and smoked.

Unfortunately, I lost my Sony 707, to the French Police. I never got it back after my stay in French custody. I have a small Sony cam now, which does not do the job, but will have to do until I have my 707 back. I apologise for the quality of some of the following shots.
This is the Marihuana part of Sativa’s menu, the picture withy the hash part was too bad to display.

A part of Sativa’s menu, displayed on top of the counter. The next pictures show you most of the menu of Tuesday, October 19.

This is the sales screen behind the dealer booth in WW Sativa.

This is the stock our dealers work with.

Oops, almost forgot the Widow!

WWSWW: Willie Wortel’s Sativa White Widow. This is as close as I can get with this camera. Looks good, tastes good and has a very pleasant effect! Made me sit down and think about rolling another one!
I took the Tbliza hash as well here. Smoked some of that later that day, wow, if you want to get stoned, real physically stoned, this is what you should smoke. It sat me down and made me talk for hours, my mind did not get numb at all.

We had a meeting in Willie Wortel’s Sinsemilla, about the preparations for the 11th Annual Harvest Party, which will be celebrated on November 13. The theme for this year: Hollyweed; Moviestars and Cannabis.

My pick here was good old Sticky Fingers and Ice hash. I will display this menu as soon as I have a better camera. The hash part was not fit for display.

A group of customers at Sinsemilla’s long bar. The big screen in the back is mainly used for the display of cannabis related video’s and important sports events.

WW Sinsemilla is the venue for one of the preliminaries of the Open Dutch Free Style Table Soccer (Foosball) Tournament, on November 20, 2004. This event is organised by Wernard Bruining, who founded Amsterdam’s first coffeeshop, the Mellow Yellow (1972) and the first growshop, Positronics.
Wernard loves this game as long as he smokes, now, he wants to take it to a higher level, by organising this and more events, in Holland and Belgium. This was it, I will continue with the menus after I get back in Holland, November 1, to prepare the harvest Party and more.