Willie Wortel Indica Cannabisshop

This is a picture report of one of our regulars from the UK, Alan.
Alan likes to ‘shop’ around to buy himself a collection of the best smokes he can lay his hands on, from different coffee shops. I was smoking some Skunk Special with him, in Willie Wortel’s Sativa, he was really impressed with both the taste and the effects of this real Dutch, indica based sinsemilla strain. He said he was going to score some, but it was not on the menu in Sativa, I told him it was available from the Indica. He said he was going there to get some then, he really wanted to have it in his stash for his stay.
I was going to the Indica anyway, so I took him there, so he could get his desired skunk.

He did not mind me making a few pictures for our website, here is the result:

Pics 1 – 12