Hempcity Holiday Happenings 2004 – 2005

It is an old Dutch tradition that employers give out Christmas packages to their staff, dating from the days fieldworkers and farmhands were handed food baskets for their Christmas menu’s.
We make our own Christmas packages, most companies just buy pre packed boxes, usually filled with things nobody needs.
Our Xmas package should always contain something to eat, to drink, to smoke, to keep and something erotic.

The contents this year:
As a container: a mini shopping cart, filled with:
A mini champagne, candy, a keystone with a G-string inside, Spanish New-year grapes, a chocolate egg with a condom inside, a Xmas bread, a sexy kitchen apron, a ticket for the New years lottery (first prize: 20 million euros) and 5 grams of Power Sticky bud.

We gave out 31 this year, the staff were very pleased with them, they told me so.

Ruud, one of Sinsemilla’s dealers, and his wife Romy organized a Christmas Brunch on Xmas Day, free of charge for everybody interested to join. It was very well arranged, with three different soups and a wide variation of bread, cheese and cold meats.
Fruits and a stiff punch made it all a very pleasant menu.

Not only did Ruud prepare all the food, Romy and he served us the lovely brunch as well.

Over 30 guests showed up, to enjoy a cozy get-together with like minded people.

some English and German guests too, they were staying at the Sativa hotel for Xmas, and accepted our invitation to join us.

Maruska enjoying her brunch with her parents, Ruud and Romy, their daughter Stephanie and my sister Carla. Thanks for the nice food and service, R&R, well done!

We also keep a tradition alive, we always keep one of our three shops open during New Year’s Eve, and after. This year the Indica stayed open, Maruska and me were the designated staff for the occasion, the regular staff were all free.

It was a nice evening, well visited by some loners, foreign visitors and regulars.

We poured free champagne and served ‘oliebollen’, a Dutch New Year pastry, all evening.

Midnight at the Indica, we wasted some cash on fireworks, not too much though, I thought the money was better spent on champagne.

This group of Italian smokers had a real good time, especially after they hit our VaporHighzer!

Most people entering after midnight were very happy to find at least one of Haarlem’s 16 coffeeshops open, our work was appreciated by many.

May all your seeds come out female in 2005!!

Bong hits can make one a bit dazed…

Smoking and toking can even make one a bit sleepy…

All customers showing up in the New Year were hande a small surprise gift baggy, containing a hemp snack, a joint and little present.

Tony Moya, a good friend of the family, is cutting us some Spanish cured ham, a job he used to do as a young butcher in Spain. Tony works for Yerba magazine as a special reporter. The ham was well received by all nationalities.

After everybody left, we had a little ham, cheese and wine ourselves, all Spanish made.
The beginning was smooth, let’s hope it stays that way this year…