Cannabisshop Sativa’s new interior.

Cannabisshop Sativa has a new look.

We recently changed the interior of Sativa, to create more seats, mainly.
The bar was taken away, a new one was already made in advance, so we did not close a second. We replaced the traditional tables and seats by second ‘ass’ train-seats, available from the NS, the train workshop, which happens to be in Haarlem.

High and happy customers, enjoying coffee and cannabis.

We were working, but the coffeeshop never closed, one side at a time, and early starts, so the customers were not really bothered, if you have to be in a mess anyway, you’d better be there stoned…

No conductor, no timetable, just sit down, roll up, smoke and enjoy the flight.

The Hempcity High Express, at your service.

The Pricelist.

Internet access.

Highly qualified softdrug-suppliers are there for all you THC needs.

What’s on the menu in January 2003??? This!

A free compartment, with an enlargement of Primero hash to eyeball on…

This is the first thing you see on entering: Dirk, Dealer of Da Dope…
We hope to have you on board, one day, to fly on our level!