Willie Wortel Sinsemilla organises 4th annual soccer event.

Willie Wortel’s X-Mas Balls Soccer Tournament.

Marcel, Willie Wortel’s all star manager is mad about soccer, the reason he is incharge of organising our soccer events. This time it was time for the X-mas Balls Tournament, on December 21, Marcel registered 8 teams:

Willie Wortel Indica - Haarlem
Coffeeshop Far Out – Dedemsvaart
La Canna – Amsterdam
Willie Wortel Sinsemilla – Haarlem
Growshop Tuin (Garden) – Hoogeveen
Coffeeshop High Life – Goes
Willie Wortel Sativa – Haarlem
Coffeeshop Birdy – Haarlem

It was a lot of soccer again, and a lot of marijuana on the stands…

Marcel, in charge and well catered, explaining Chiel the schedule.

The audience, watching the first games.

Mark, the founder/owner of Far Out, brought his own stash, to be able to keep his team high as a kite.

Mark loves rolling huge, killer joints, he passes them on to the players of other teams, to dope them up!

He is caught finishing his first King Cone.

He gets it going…

I can tell!

Mark sees Ferry, an Indica player, and passes him the joint first…

I took it from Ferry, after he had two tokes, telling him he had 5 games to play from now, and tried Mark’s product myself.

It was a smooth smoke…

Not exactly an eye opener…

Mark is coaching his team to victory.

Mark’s goalkeeper, after the tournament, sucking a big cone, Mark made that one too.

Willie Wortel did not win anything, this year, we won all previous tournaments!

The winner of the tournament: Growshop Tuin, Hoogeveen.
Second place: Far Out, Dedemsvaart.
Third place: High Life, Goes.