Willie Wortel’s 7th Annual Indoor Soccer Tournament, January 3, 2004.

Usually, we hold this tournament before Christmas, the last six years, but the sports centre was already occupied this time, so Marcel organised it for January 3.
We started the tournaments with 4 teams, but by now, we had 8 participating teams, made up from workers and clients of coffeeshops and growshops. Willie Wortel had three teams, as always, the Indica, the Sativa and the Sinsemilla.
Coffeeshops the Sandman and Birdy from Haarlem made their debut on our tournament, others, like coffeeshop Far Out from Dedemsvaart, La Canna from Amsterdam and growshop Tuin from Hoogeveen had been in it before.

As always, we played the games in the Beijnes Hall, located opposite the Haarlem train station, where we are allowed to smoke, joints and bongs, that is.

The logical result of having more teams competing is the presence of more fans, which can sit and watch the games, while rolling and smoking joints.

We even had people on the upper stands this year!

This is a fragment of the Willie Wortel Sinsemilla against Far Out, don’t expect me to have the scores, I was taking pictures and smoking joints with people I had not seen for a while, I enjoyed myself in a great way.

This is from the Growshop Tuin vs. Coffeeshop Birdy match. The Birdy team came as they were, as you can see, they hate uniforms and such…

They do like people though, without any exception, the team has a rasta as well as a punker in it, which gave this colourful picture.

Willie Wortel Indica vs. La Canna, Hansen, one of the Indica’s cannabis salesmen, is the one that stays behind as a lock on the door.

La Canna vs. Far Out, I think Far Out won, as they ended up in the last 4, with Growshop Tuin, Coffeeshop the Sandman and WW Sinsemilla.

This is Dennis Koopen, Sinsemilla’s all-time goalkeeper. He looks very sad, as he just came back from hospital, where his arm was locked back in place, after he actually threw his arm out of its joint in the game, when delivering the ball to one of his mates.
I hope he gets well soon, we did not make it to the finals without him, like many years before, we were out of the medals too, by losing in the semi-finals.

This is a view from the bar, where I spent some time too, of course.

The two managers on the sideline are Mark, the owner of coffeeshop far out, and Manfred, the owner of Growshop Tuin (Garden). They are close friends in normal life, but bitter rivals during our tournaments, Mark has never won the title, Manfred won last year, when Mark came second, as so many times before. The guy in the red sweater is rolling up, unaware of the tension in and outside the pitch.

Tuin vs. Far Out.

This is a shot of the final, Coffeeshop Sandman vs. Coffeeshop Far Out. It was a very good game, with fair play however, like during the whole tournament. Sandman came ahead with 2-0, but the players of Far Out gave everything, which was enough to get back to 2-2. The Sandman stepped up the pressure for the last two minutes, and managed to score 3-2.
Far Out tried to get even again, even their goalie ran forward to try and make the goal they needed to end the game in a draw. The Sandman took advantage of the goal being empty, and scored 4-2 in the last seconds. The victory was well deserved, no complaints afterwards, after a shower, the players all join(t)ed up in the bar, awaiting the trophy ceremony.

The audience looking on during the sensational final.

Congratulations, Sandmen, well played, well behaved…

As always, far Out came second, but they ended higher than their rivals, Growshop Tuin, who came third.

These are the cups, one is the Fair Play Cup, the others are for the places 1 to 3.

Marcel, who organised this event, as always, announces the Trophy Ceremony, and asks for everybody’s attention.

This year’s Fair Play Cup went to Coffeeshop Birdy, Marcel made them promise to come with some kind of sportswear next year. Wilco, the Big Bird, nodded his head grinning.

Manfred picks up the trophy for ending third with his team, last year’s champions. He was happy with it anyway, but promised to be back to win next year.

Mark was very proud of his team, and the second place, as you can see…

Marcel shakes Mark’s hand to congratulate him, Mark has been participating since the first tournament we organised.

This is Wim Vink, the man who runs the bar in the Beijnes Hall, he always takes good care of us during the games, and after the games, he caters all our after activity buffets. He thought he could open the pans, but Marcel was yet to give away the first prize…

Hans, co-owner of the Sandman, and an old smoke mate of Marcel and me, is very happy with his first place, it is well deserved, Hans!!

Wim unveiled the food as soon as Marcel was done. Players first, the fans have to wait until our ‘heroes of a day’ have served themselves.

Hungry, but happy soccer players, loading up.

This is the Tuin team, enjoying the food, joints and some beers.

Herman, a Far Out veteran, is known for rolling big joints, so, here he goes again! Last years Jonko, as he calls his high-vana’s, did not really suck that well, I hoped he would do better this year.

8 King Size papers to be filled.

Herman with his 2004 Soccer Jonko, it looks good, but….will it suck??

Herman started it right away, I decided to follow it with my camera, to see how many people would smoke on it.

Before I did that, I tried the Jonko, it sucked great, so I took a few good hits on it. Took the picture myself, not bad…

See? To exhale, you have to inhale first, this was the best Jonko I have seen Herman produce so far!

I went around with the Jonko for more suckers, not so difficult…

Sucking hard!

Oh yes, we can see that, don’t forget to let it go…

Glow in the dark Jonko.

A sophisticated sucker.

Out for more suckers…

Mark had a go on it, of course.

Not bad, may I add.

Sven, a Sandman player, is a straight sucker.

Hans, long time hash and weed salesman of WW Sinsemilla, quit smoking pot, a few months ago, after having smoked for over 30 years. He does not turn down joints on special occasions, however. He was already stoned, his tolerance level went down after he quit.

Ferry Hansen, a two-handed sucker.

Playing the flute…

The guy in the red sweater kept on sucking on the Jonko, he kept the ash on perfectly.

The only girl that smoked this sucker…

Herman gave his Jonko another try, he seemed quite happy.

Wilco, owner of Coffeeshop Birdy, has a few lungs full…

By now, it needed an extra light to keep it going. I lost track of it here.

The teams of Far Out and Tuin were holding a singing contest, telling each other off like that.
They travel together, in a luxury bus, which holds a lot of beer and is smoker friendly, so the singing will probably go on all the way to the North-East of the Netherlands. We gave Far Out the megaphone this year, Tuin had it last year, and turned the bus ride into a nightmare. Far Out was out for revenge, I was glad I did not have to go with them.

As you can see, Hans looks as if he is stoned for the first time, lucky fellow, he went home by bike, ended up there safe. Bear, next to him, is having fun with me about Hans’ state.

The smoke was getting too thick, so it was time to go, no, just kidding…
It was time to go.

Thanks, Marcel and crew, for the wonderful sport, smoke and food, as always!

The Hoogeveners en Dedemsvaarters went back in this bus, it was still pretty quiet when we walked by, but the Far Out team was on its way, poor busdriver…

We hope to be able to have a Spanish and UK smokers team next year, to be able to share this experience with our foreign fellow smokers!

A big hand to all players in the tournament, they could all have won the Fair Play Cup!

, looking for good players, I like winning too.