Garden in Spain Part 10.

The garden starts to smell real nice, the last couple of days, especially just after sunset and just after sundown, when it is a pleasure to just stand in the garden to inhale an exotic mixture of marihuana perfumes.

Besides the three Thai plants, on the left, all plants are making nice, fat and resinous buds, with Old Ed leading the way in development.


Blue Satellite # 2.


Golden Leaf.

Legends Ultimate Indica.

Old Ed.

Skunk # 1.

Sweet Tooth # 3.

Sweet Tooth # 4.


A strange shaped Blue Satellite, inspired by some chandelier.

Maruska smoking between the Thai plants.

This Flo bud has a very nice size, it will have to grow a bit thicker still, will be a bomb, we smoked Flo from Karulo in Barcelona, an exceptional taste and a great high.

This is a Flo bud, with a seed in it, might be the plant on the picture above now!

, gardeners.