Garden in Spain Part 12.

I would like with a sunset in Spain, this time, as I enjoy them sometimes, sitting smoking between the plants. The smell, the sight, the joint and the climate are what one needs…

Like a base with Sky Rockets, ready to take the astronauts as high as they can fly.

This is where I mix the nutrition with water, I raised the quantity of BioPlasma to 15 ml per litre water, the plants have grown, so they need more food to keep developing.

The Blockhead plants.

A Blockhead bud.

Blue Satellite plants, picture taken near sundown.

A Blue Satellite bud, picture taken in broad daylight.

Legends Ultimate Indica plants.

Legends Ultimate Bud.

Old Ed plants.

Old Ed’s bud.

Sweet Tooth #3 plants.

Sweet Tooth Bud.

Flo, making a huge conic bud.

Golden Leaf Bud

Skunk # 1 Bud.

Sweet Tooth # 4 Bud.

The ever-growing Thai…

Another angle on the garden, this time.

, waiting eagerly….