Garden in Spain Part 13.

About beautiful lady buds and the male desire to score.

Another wonderful day in Spain, with an early awakening, by the dogs barking over something they must have heard. I walked out to the garden around 8.30, to just have a short overall look. The sun was not shining on the entire garden yet, the mountain behind our house was still blocking most precious rays. I walked back in to get my camera, to take some pictures of the buds that where in the light, so to say.

Shadow and sun struggling to cover the garden, the sun wins all the time, over here.

Flo, she starts to smell exactly the way I remembered it, from the few buds I smelt and smoked in March.

Old Ed, smells a s sweet as the Californian Skunk that makes half the genetics of this strain.

Golden Leaf, a little bit to the Citral side of smells.

Legends Ultimate Indica, have not done a smell test yet, will do soon.

The Thai females finally produce flowers, they will need another 12 weeks from now, I hope they will make it, even Spain has some bad weather in November. It will be a treat, though, to be able to smoke some Sinsemilla Thai!

Here is the Thai that went hermaphrodite, I did not completely kill it yet, I just removed all the branches with balls, and left the ones that were clearly making female bud.

This is what was left of it, I kept it flowering, though. I wanted to find out if the plant would still try to produce male balls on the female branches left, so I kept a close eye on the plant every day, as I watered it.

Well, I must say I respect the persistence of the male part in this plant, it keeps on showing its balls, who can blame the plant, with a beautiful harem of smelly females from all parts of the world. This plant wants to have sex with all of them!!

I cut off the branches with balls again, and one little female branch, to show you the difference between male and female properties.
The male branch has been cleared of leafs, to get a better sight on it. One plant, two sexes…

Blockhead, starting to produce buds the proper way now, it is a slow starter, as I was told by the breeder, Steve, he called me last week after he had seen these reports. Steve also told me they would just keep on growing huge, fat buds.

Sweet Tooth # 3, smells sweet, exotic, fruity and seducing….

Skunk # 1, smells like straight skunk all right.

Blue Satellite, great smell, sweet, pungent.

The Northern Lights clones are doing fine as well.

Sweet Tooth # 4, the only female I have left of this strain, the other 4 were males. Smells close to ST # 3, but not quiet.

A bud of the chandelier shaped Blue Satellite, Steve claims these weird shaped plants produce the best hash he has ever made and tasted. I will have to wait to try…

That was all for today, folks, the girls and me will be back in this theatre soon!

, cutting balls to protect his harem.