Garden in Spain Part 17.

Cannapillars threaten my garden, time to harvest fast!

Here is on of the vicious caterpillars in one of my buds, doing its ugly thing, eating my buds and shitting in them for thanks. I had to start harvesting, most of the plants were ready, so I started with the ones that were most bothered by the green critters.


A Blockhead bud, just before the shave.


A Flo bud, big and conic.

This is the other Flo, I had to cut the end of, the caterpillars ruined it.

The Two Flo plants, looking as good as the buds I once smoked in L’Interior Barcelona, in the beginning of my tour through Spain. Thanks again, Karulo, for the seeds that sprouted into this plants, in my Exterior.

Skunk # 1.

A Skunk # 1 bud.

Legends Ultimate Indica.

Blue Satellite # 2.

Sweet Tooth # 3, white and shiny.

ST # 3, Flo and Skunk # 1, posing for Pete Brady and me, right after their shave.

Some root nests, they sure ate most of the soil.

The shaved ladies were all hung out to dry in my bedroom, I already filled the bathroom in the other bedroom, making the house smell like a dream.

The other drying area, full of plants and sweet perfume.

I went to Mambo Beach to try out the first dry buds I just packed, in my special beach bag, no towels and sunscreen, but; bud, paper, grinder and more. Golden Leaf was the first one to test, with some test persons, of course.

Golden Leaf smells fruity, with a light touch of Citral.

Rafael smoking a Golden Leaf joint.

This man was completely wasted after two joints, and he could not get rid of his grin until the next morning.

I was very pleased with the effects of Golden Leaf, it is a creeper, hits you late.

The next day, I took Old Ed to the beach, to show and smoke some of it, I put the buds in a box, I ran out of bags.

Old Ed up close, nice sweet smell and taste, with an instant high, made me hungry.

Baron, founder of Growzone in Todmorden, UK, who was visiting me, is about to light his Old Ed joint. Comment: “Finest outdoor weed I have smoked.”

Legends Ultimate Indica, dry. Strong taste and effect, very nice fruity smell.

, having caterpillar nightmares.