Garden in Spain Part 18.

While most of the plants are up and drying, I still have a few plants up, the Northern Light clones, the two Thais, a Blockhead and a Blue Satellite.

The NL’s, Blockhead and the Blue Satellite, still sunbathing.

The two Thais, which seem to have different structures.

Blockhead’s head.

The weird bud of the last of the Blue Satellites, the rest is already upside down..

The light Thai, on September 26.

The top of the dark Thai, with a beautiful flower crown on Sept 26.

I take of branches to test the end product, this is a small bud of Legends Ultimate Indica, strong spicy taste and a fast hitting high. Baron tested it too, he loved the effect, direct and long lasting.

The light Thai, flanked by Baron, visiting from the UK.

Here is Baron clipping a Flo branch, I test one strain every day, Baron is my assistant in this heavy task.

Here is a low branch bud of one of the Flo plants, well shaped and manicured.

A close up of the Flo.

The Thais are budding seriously now, they will take at least 6 more weeks to finish. I will have to put them on the veranda to keep them from raining and blowing in pieces, it seems like some bad weather is coming this way.

This is the other Thai, grows and flowers way different than the lighter coloured Thai.

This is a developing female Thai flower, with a very fine structure, like an oriental crown. The picture displays the top bud of the darker Thai.

Baron’s first joint of the day was a pure Flo ‘spliff’, as the British smokers tend to call their cannabis cones. Baron smoked it while I was taking pictures of the garden, he finished half of the spliff when I came back in. I asked him what he thought of the Flo, which had made me as high as a kite, I rolled one myself too, of course. Baron looked up to me, in an apparent daze, and asked: “Who, me?” After I asked him again, he started grinning, and told me the Flo was a fast hitter, with a very enhancing effect. We grinned some more after that, what a way to start a new day, Flo gets a big bonus point!
Baron smoked four Flo joints in total, Sept 29, 2003, and went to bed real early….

, high and drying….