Garden in Spain Part 19.

Harvesting buds.

October had a nasty start, the first rain came falling from a dark grey sky. No weather to have a barbeque.

These are the plants we still needed to harvest, they were already safe under the veranda roof.

This is one of the Northern Lights plants, from clones.

Clipping the leafs of the last Blockhead.

The head of the Block.

Oranges and Blockhead.

The two female Thais are still far from being ready, they were on the other terrace, I pull them out in the sun, if it comes back out.

I pollinated 6 NL clones with the males I kept alive, to try and breed a few new seeds, on August 1, the female plants were already flowering two weeks then.

The males were kept alive on a fair distance, to avoid unwanted pollination. First time I worked hard to feed a bunch of males, I had to take them water twice a day.

The Skunk # 1 male.

The Blockhead male.

The Blue Satellite # 2 male.

A male Legends Ultimate Indica.

Sweet Tooth # 3 male.

The male Sweet Tooth # 4.

I harvested the seeds when the plants were not quite dry yet, but I just could not wait to see if I had produced seeds. As you can see, I did.

Only 4 of these, the Skunk male was the last to flower, may not have been potent enough. I am glad with the few seeds anyway, I will try the beans next season.

The Legend did better, 8 seeds, enough to carry on.

About 30 seeds of the Sweet Tooth 3 # x Northern Light, good yield.

The Blue Sat did best, I have 160 Blue Light seeds, or Northern Satellite. The other two males, Sweet Tooth # 4 and Blockhead did not stick, no seed at all.

The other plants are still hanging.

This will keep us smoking for a few weeks, I would say.

, in weeds and seeds.