Finally, a garden under the sun in Spain… Part 2

You can hardly imagine how it is to be able to enjoy gardening, especially if it is the only thing you have to do, besides enjoying the Spanish climate and fine food.
It is actually a new thing to me, as a spoiled Dutchmen I only grew from clones, outdoor and indoor, starting from seeds all together is a fresh experience for me.
The challenge is not so much in the growing, with the Thai genetics on hand, I might be able to make some new strains, Thai is a Sativa, most of my garden consists of real strong Indica based strains. The garden is doing fine, though there are a lot of bugs that try to eat my plants, I have to be alert all day, I have encountered the strangest insects here. One plant was attacked by small caterpillars, I sprayed the plant with a soapsolution, I think it worked, the pillars have left, the plant is still in good shape.

This is how the garden looked like on June 2, 2003, small plants popping up in all pots.

These two strains were planted earlier than the rest, that is why they are a bit bigger, they are Sweet Tooth#4 and Blue Satelite#2

So far, most of the Blue Satelites develop normally, but a few do start to grow a bit kinky, as Steve predicted, he also told me the weird ones yield the best bud!

This is only two days later, but the plants seem to have adjusted to the heat, some 32 C, and start to show more green.

This is the garden on June 4.

Maruska enjoys the view, while smoking a fat joint.

The garden, June 7, it is getting greener…

June 10, 2003, the green is almost covering the soil.

I hope they are all ladies, but some strong gents are welcome too, a few.

I will pot the plants the next couple of days, in 15 liter pots, and I will try the fluid worm-shit that Jose has on stock, I know the shit, it’s great, I wonder how it is in a can.

It is about 35 degrees C up here, the plants seem to be able to handle it, I only water them in the morning, but after they are in bigger pots, I will have to give them some more in the afternoon.

, high on a mountaintop.