Garden in Spain Part 21.

This is the view on October 5, the weather is changing, we had some giant rain showers. Luckily, I have all but my Thais harvested. I can put the Thais on the covered terrace in case of rain, so they will be all right. Drying the buds is another thing, the humidity is delaying the process a bit, I have an electric heater in the drying room, to keep the temperature constant. It will dry slowly, the way it should, I just try a little bud every now and then.

As you can see, the Thais are really making buds, this is a one on the dark Thai.

These are the buds on the light Thai, on October 5, 2003. The yellowing leafs do not prevent bud growth, but it looks strange, all together. I have added some extra nitrogen, but that did not have any effect.

This bud is being bugged…

The light Thai on October 15, the buds are slowly developing.

One of the three main buds on the light Thai.

A small bud on the dark Thai.

Here are some dry Sweet Tooth # 3 buds, there was a little sun out, so I clipped this clean for the pictures. The buds smell great, fruity and sweet, as you can see, I am going to smoke one right after this photo session…

Plenty of resin on the end product.

I enjoyed the smoke, on a chair in the sunshine, no one to share with, so I got high as a kite on my own, will have Maruska test one as soon as she is back.

This is the tip of a dry Flo bud, very nice marihuana, tastes absolutely great, a blend of Sativa and Skunk. High? You bet, hits you like a hammer!

This is the Flo bud, covering the nutrients I was donated by El Conde, the man behind this Spanish line of ecological cannabis nutes. Their website,, will be up soon. The nutrients look and smell different from any other organic nutes I have ever seen or smelt, you can smell it is not chemical, that’s for sure. I will use these for my next crop, hope I can find me an indoor place soon.

, going indoor?