Garden in Spain Part 25.

This is only a short report, only about the last few days of the Thai plants, and about how they dried up.

We harvested the Thai’s on November 13, they have been flowering about 14 weeks, almost twice as long as the Indica based strains I grew out.

The buds are not as tight as all the other strains, which is partially due to the properties of the strain, and may be partially caused by the lack of sunlight in the last weeks of flowering.
They showed a good resin build up anyway, and they smell great, citrus like.

The main bud of the dark Thai is trimmed.

It is a flat bud, very strange structure, but no other oddities.

This is how the buds look dry, on December 3, which turns this strain into a Christmas treat.

A small, resinous bud of Thai.

This is the main bud of the light Thai, looks good for an oriental Sativa. The high is weird, it starts slowly, like a steam locomotive, and then it hits you, like a steam locomotive on full steam! Bright high, only in the head, real high, makes you want to do things under the influence. That is what I am doing right now, I just had to get up and type all this to get my high somewhere….

One more report to finish about my first grow in Spain, I can finish the cycle of the Thai now, like the other 10 strains, who are all in one picture report, from seed to smoke able weed.

More fun next year, with a new garden, and maybe with a serious smokers club in the South of Spain, I miss a second home. That might just be the reason to open such a club, together with Jose Molina, I will tell you when we start rounding up members.

Keep the joint burning,

, high on Thai, low in stress.