Finally, a garden under the sun in Spain… Part 3

Seedlings growing into plants…

The seedlings were growing too big to keep in the starter pots, so it was time to put them into some more soil, I went for 15 litre pots, for all plants.

They sure made roots!

Dutch potting soil, supplied by GrowSur, and perlite, softly bedded around the seedlings.

Guido, a friend of Steve and myself, who runs a pottery wholesale in Torremolinos, Spain, made some special pots for Steve’s strains. Steve asked me to fill them and take care of them, he was afraid they might break during transport. I promised Steve to take care of both the pots and his strains.

These pots are cool, they look like medicine pots in old-style drugstores and pharmacies.

This is the start of the garden, on its final location, where they can catch most sun.

The long left row are SOL’s Sweet Tooth # 3, the two rows on the left are SOL’s Blue Satellite # 2.

The garden on June 13, 2003.

June 15, they do like the bigger pots, they spread their leaves to cover the soil….

I started to feed them the Fluid Wormshit on June 13, every other day, to start with.

I wonder how many worms helped to fill this can of concentrate, it must have been a load!

Even the 1 : 300 solution looks like shit.

Jose, the Man behind GrowSur, came up to take a look at my garden, he like!!
He helps me with tips about the Spanish climate and how to work with that.

The Wormshit seems to work, the plants develop fast now, this is June 17, they had two shots of the nutrition.

The Legends Ultimate Indica sure fits its pot and its name, rude, wide leafs, sungrabbers!

A great example of the structural differences between Sativa and Indica : Three Thai plants on the left, pure Sativa, and three Legends Ultimate Indica plants on the right.

Sweet Tooth # 3 on the left, Blue Satellite # 2 on the right, they have grown, as you can see!

June 21, the sun is about to set, the plants are reaching for the last beams…

So far, it goes even better than I expected. I love to sit near the plants when the sun sets, with a fat joint, I can see them develop day by day, that’s pretty much all I do…

Grow worms, get free shit!