Garden in Spain Part 4

The small plants in pots have grown out into a small plantation, overgrowing their pots, and reaching out their leaves to get in touch with the plants around.

The garden on June 22, in the full afternoon sun.

I still have some starterpots with struggling seedlings, one of them being a Blockhead, which now shows it can survive after starting with just one little leaf.

This is one of the weird growing Blue Satellites, it grows sideways, and has very strange leafs. Steve saw the plants last week, he said these were the plants that would surprise me, by producing the best bud and hash.

Another strange Blue Satellite, this one lost a leaf after it sprouted, it struggled to survive, but it made it. The plant split up in three ways, ending up like a sort of bonsai bush.

After setting the plants further apart, it was time to take measurements, most plant are one month from being a seed. Maruska assisted with the pics this time.

Sweet Tooth # 3 is about 36 centimetres high by now.

Blue Satellite # 2 is 44 cm high.

Sweet Tooth # 4 : 39 cm high.

Golden Leaf : 43 cm high.

Skunk # 1 is 40 cm high.

Flo is 40 cm out of the soil.

Old Ed is up 44 centimetres.

The tall Thai is 64 centimetres up.

Legends Ultimate Indica is 43 cm in length.

The Blockhead is the tallest Indica for now: 53 Centimetres.

The garden on June 24.

They like their water 3 times a day.

Sweet Tooth #3 is developing well, growing 9 finger leafs to show me.

The difference between Sativa and Indica is shown here once again, the plants on the left are Thai, the plants on the right are Legends Ultimate Indica.

June27, Blockhead growing strong and tight.

June 27, the Thai’s are the tallest of them all, which is another Sativa characteristic.

Sweet Tooth #3 is spreading its branches; they stay short, but are very dense.

Golden Leaf, the leafs are as green as can be, hope the buds are in gold colour then.

Blue Satelite #2, one of the straight plants, they grow taller than the other SOL strains.

The garden on June 30, no sign of sex yet….

It is getting hot up here, we had a few days of 40 degrees already, the plants are not bothered at all by the heat. They start drinking like sailors, however.

, dehydrated after watering the plants.