Garden in Spain Part 5

I had to go to Holland for a few days, brought my camera, so I could only pick back up on July 6, Maruska had been watering the plants in the meanwhile.

The garden looked bushy, when I came back, but it was time to take a closer look, to see if the plants were showing their sexual equipment already, it was about that time.

I did spot this grasshopper, he was just hopping in the grass.

This was more serious, the first males started showing their balls, gutsy, but stupid, I removed them from the garden on first sight!
Twelve males popped up on June 6 and 7, I moved them all down a long way in the valley, but kept them alive, I want to make some nice crosses with them later.

The Thai plants were way taller than the rest of the plants, with elegant leafs.

Flo, the strain from Barcelona, was doing fine as well, dark green leafs.

Legends Ultimate Indica, wide and stocky.

A close up of the Sweet Tooth #4 male, balls all over the place.

In the garden on July 9, still on the lookout for male intruders.


Blue Satellite #2


Golden Leaf.

Legends Ultimate Indica.

Old Ed.

Skunk #1.

Sweet Tooth #3.

Sweet Tooth #4.


Thai in the Sky.

The Thai plants did not show any sign of flowering yet, all the others did, I ended up with 32 females out of 58 plants, some guys have more luck and less males, others may have less luck and even more males. The Thai plants could have some males too, one will do for me…

, from a hot hill in Spain.