Garden in Spain Part 6.

The garden on July 17, hot as hell, but they just keep on growing.

I was given 12 Northern Light clones by Jose, he did not have room for hem, I have, we decided to split the yield, I will use my half to make 5 crosses with SOL males I have saved.
I put one of the clones in my clone room.

I cut 3 clones of every SOL strain, on July 20, from flowering females, and started them rooting in a plastic bubble, next to the bubble are a NL clone and a Blockhead female, the one who started with just one leaf.

July 19, no more males, all plants in the garden show tiny female flowers now.

These are the NL clones on July 30, I was transferring them to bigger pots, they have not started flowering yet. A long break, was in Holland again, for my grandsonís 5th birthday and some official matters. Maruska kept everything under control, and she did it real well.

A Blue Satelite bud-to-be with the blue sky as a background.

I potted the SOL clones into soil on July 31, two of them did not make it, the rest was all well rooted.

The garden on July 31, the tall Thaiís on the left.


Blockheadís tiny flower.

Blue Satellite #2.

Blue Sateliteís strange flower.


Flo-wering Flo.

Golden Leaf.

Golden Bud coming upÖ

Legends Ultimate Indica.

Legends little bud peeping up.

Old Ed.

Old Ed shows a young flower.

Skunk #1.

Skunky little flowers showing some hairs.

Sweet Tooth #3.

Sweet Tooth #3 coming out thick.

Sweet Tooth #4.

Sweet Tooth #4 is ready to make some serious bud.


Thai, no sign of flowering so far.

A Northern Light clone, no flower yet.

These are the root-nests of the males I had to cut down, they sure were rooted!

, hiding in the shadow, lurking wine and smoking Sticky Fingers.