Garden in Spain Part 9.
Strange sex alert in my garden: One Thai plant went hermaphrodite.

All looked calm, the morning of August 23, nothing to worry about anymore, even the 4 Thai plants seemed to be all females, about 5 weeks after all other strains in my garden started flowering.

I took a shot of my garden, from my bedroom window, I could smell a light aroma of marihuana in the air, so I decided to take some pictures right away, the sun was not burning those precious smells yet, in the early morning.

Old Ed is the fastest flowering strain, producing sweet smelling, slightly coloured buds.

Old Ed looks delicious already, the smell should represent the final flavour, makes my mouth water for a taste now, but that will have to wait another 3 to 4 weeks.

Sweet Tooth # 3 smells very promising as well, and has a great resin spread on the leafs, which will be turned into HQ Ice hash in due time.

Then I took this picture of the Thai with the biggest flowers so far, to be able to show the Thaiís do produce flowers, with green and slightly white hairs.

This was what I noticed when examining the small buds on the lower branches, male balls in this branch; it could well be a hermaphrodite. I removed this plant from my garden right away, but did not kill it yet, to make some more pics the next day, to have good material of a hermaphrodite cannabis plant.

This is the double sex plant, producing buds upstairs and balls downstairs.

This is a perfect female branch, hairs, not balls.

This is a male branch, with a lot of balls and a few misleading hairs.

Two branches of the plant held together, I removed some leafs to get a better shot at this genetical default. Balls on the left, buds on the right.

These are the other 3 Thai plants, I will have my eye on them, closer than ever!

, the only male in my garden.