Garden in Spain Part 16.

It was just about time to start harvesting, when the garden came under attack by a bunch of caterpillars, the same buggers as Fernanda has in her garden. The Cannapillars eat buds, they just chew themselves a way through and in my wonderful flowers!

These are vicious monsters, they eat the buds, without being bothered by the THC.

Old Ed was under attack, so I decided to chop it down first, it was well ripe.

Nice coloration of the hairs, as you can see, and the sweetest smell.

My first harvest in Spain, about to be hung up to dry.

Golden Leaf was also caterpillared, so they came next.

The buds look fine, could have done a few more days, but by then the pillars would have eaten most of them.

Blue Satellite, awaiting the scissors. Pete Brady, Cannabis Culture’s international reporter, was on hand to give assistance. Of course he filmed and photographed the plants thoroughly.

Sweet Tooth # 3, ready to be cut off and dried.

Sweet Tooth # 4, bugged by the, so it was led to the cutting area.

The bud looked as if it was the right time to taken.

I will be back with more harvest pica, after I finished them all.

, close to a fresh smoke…