Garden in Spain Part 24.

Time to show dry buds of all strains!

I had to clip some buds first, they are still drying in the baskets I have put the branches in. I did clip some, every now and then, but we smoked that, of course. I sat down on the terrace to clip some nice buds, the sun was behind some minor clouds, so I hoped it would be out to allow me to make my Big Bud Shoot.

These are the 11 strains on my personal menu, almost like a menu in one of my coffeeshops!

This and the buds in the baskets will get us through the next few months, I guess, together with some Ice-O-Lator hash and the always available Maroccan hash. This shows that Spain is an ideal country for cannabis growers/smokers, as long as you keep it to growing for your own consumption. It would be nice, however, to have a coffeeshop-style place around to smoke this grass in the company of other cannabists, whenever I would feel like it.
The Spanish Law would allow such a place, like Arseca in Malaga, but they only open three evenings a week. Why do I keep feeling the urge to fill that gap?

, slowly destroying the evidence, joint for joint…