Garden in Spain Part 23.

Thai plants still going strong.

The Thai’s, real sativa’s, are taking way longer to finish then all other strains. No problem, it is in the plants’ genetics, so I’ll just have to wait a bit longer to smoke Sinsemilla Thai…
The problem is the weather, even in Spain it rains, and if it rains, it really comes down hard!
I had to watch the weather carefully, the last few weeks, so I knew when to put the plants under cover, for the time of a storm of heavy rain shower.

This is a bud of the light Thai, still getting fatter.

This is the weird main bud of the dark Thai, three bud-heads bubbling up.

The light Thai on November 1, when the sun came out again, so I could finally move them back on the terrace.

The dark Thai, with its specific bud.

The light Thai plant on Nov 8, it seems to get greener again.

The dark Thai, however, is slowly going yellow.

The buds are showing resin now, and they smell unlike anything I ever smelled before.

A nightly rain shower surprised me, the plants were hit, but it did not do any damage. They just bend over by the extra weight of the water in the buds. The sun was out for a few hours as well, so they dried out the same day. Would be a bummer to end up with mould after waiting so long.

A close up of a bud on the dark Thai, look resinous.

The biggest bud on the light Thai, not as solid as indica buds, but with a great smell and a good THC coverage.

The 3 way bud of the dark Thai on November 11, the hairs are starting to colour, it will not be long until the buds are ’ripe’ and up for harvest.

The buds on the light Thai are showing brown hairs as well.

I took of a small bud, two days before, and dried it over the heater, I will smoke it after I took pictures of all my dried buds, in the next report. The sun is shining, a good opportunity to take pictures of the result of this year’s grow.

, about to smoke Thai Sinsemilla…