Garden in Spain Part 20.

The last bits of the harvest, and more seeds…

It had been raining for two days, I pulled the Thais back in the sun when it penetrated the clouds. I am really precautious with these oriental ladies, I want to smoke Thai Sinsemilla!

The Light Thai, as I call her, she has less colour in the leaves than the other plant, I feed them both the same though. It seems like the lady is growing some real buds now.

The dark Thai, very green, and different from the other one. The seeds came from the Thaisticks we sold in Willie Wortel’s, must have been from different Thai farmers.

Baron clipped the last Blue Satellite, one of the weird plants. He is a good ‘budder’, delivers his plants very neatly trimmed.

The plant, in branches, very well cut, as you can see.

I cut the branches from the plants, and set them in Spanish harvesting buckets.

Harvesting is very intense work, so I roll a joint now and then. This is Old Ed in the joint, the sweetest taste, and a smooth high. Unfortunately, it makes you want to smoke more.

This is the bucket with the Sweet Tooth # 3 buds gathered in it. I will take the buds of the branches in the weekend, the branches snap, but a few more days of drying can not hurt.

I dusted a branch on one of the Old Ed plants with pollen from the Blockhead male, which worked out real fine. I covered the OE bud with a plastic bag, in which I shook the male Blockhead bud, to release its pollen. The bag only covered half of the bud, only half of the bud had seeds in it, works great.

These are the seeds I got out of the top of the bud, not bad, enough to grow some out to test them, and to have seeds left for a follow up. The seeds look good, only a few ‘blanks’, at first sight.

A basket full of Legends Ultimate Indica buds. I can see I really need a haircut….

This is the biggest part of my harvest, the last Blue Sat is spread out in the foreground.

The Northern Lights and a Blockhead are still upside down, they are getting rid of their water.

Sticks and Stones…

Well, here is my 2003 harvest in Spain, a display like this would look good in every flower stand in Holland. I wish I could take this merchandise to the market, and offer it for sale to the public. I like this shot, makes me think back to the time I was selling flowers in my father’s flower stand, when I was about 15. Little did I know I would be selling the finest dried flowers in the world, one day…

, and buds.