Garden in Spain Part 7.

Our garden on August 3, when I started to feed them with a Spanish nutrient that was highly recommended by local growers.

It is made by the same company that produces the fluid worm-shit I used in the growing period, which was very effective, in my opinion.

I use 10 ml per litre per day, in the second round of water.

Old Ed was first in size and development, this is the flower on August 5.

Old Ed is a bushy plant, with well-filled branches and a firm top-bud.

The garden on August 10, with budding plants in different shapes and sizes.

Flo, the Barcelona strain, on August 10.

These are the latest shots of the plants and their developing buds, made on August 16 , this one shows Blockhead, which has a very blue stem and branches.

Blockhead working on a nice, blocky head.

Blue Satellite #2, with a promising long bud.

A very dense Blue Satellite bud building up.

Flo, not very dense, but the buds are developing very well now.

A lot of small flowers can make a huge bud, Flo might just do that.

Golden Leaf, which indeed shows a lot of yellow leafs while flowering.

Golden Leafs, as you can see, and a lot of small buds all over.

Legends Ultimate Indica, with a blue/purple ‘skeleton’.

LUI’s flowering bud.

Old Ed, filling it’s many branches with fat flowers.

Old Ed’s bud structure.

Skunk #1, a split plant, with the intention to produce two huge buds, I hope.

Make’em long and sticky, if you please.

Sweet Tooth # 3, a stocky, well developing plant, with the best resin spread in the garden.

Sweet Tooth # 3, fat, sticky buds already.

Sweet Tooth # 4, the only lady of this strain, the other 5 were males…

But this Sweet Tooth # 4 lady will give me a nice taste of this strain.

The 4 Thai plants seem to be ladies, but I keep watching them, they might change sex unexpectedly, being from Thailand and all…

The Thai’s produce light-green hairs, unlike all the other plants, which produce white bud-hair.

A flowering NL clone, they are a bit later than the rest.

The garden on August 16 , buds rising up from the hot, steamy terrace. The plants start to smell a little, I hope they will stink in the end!

, reporting from the shadow.